FMCT promises a fun, upbeat, and welcoming atmosphere throughout our audition and call-back process.  We encourage everyone of all ages, race, and level of experience to audition.  Our productions are chosen to both offer unique and challenging educational experiences for our actors as well as quality productions for our community.


When preparing for any of the auditions below, be sure to educate yourself about the show and about the characters for which you are auditioning.  In doing this, you can either search on-line for individual productions to find previous cast lists, music videos, and script excerpts  or you can come to The Stage at Island Park, home of FMCT, and check out a script. Those under the age of 18 must receive permission from a parent or guardian, and college students from the local universities must receive permission from their advisor or department chair before auditioning.  If you are new to the audition process, you can contact us for guidance.  For any questions about the productions or the audition process, please contact FMCT at (701) 235-1901.


Not sure about acting but still want to get involved?  There are countless offstage or technical opportunities available. For more information, please contact FMCT at 701-235-1901 or at



Jo March-   Megan Hovinen

Professor Bhaer- Clayton Perala

Amy March- Emma Holder

Meg March- April Maertens

Beth March- Audrey Haugen

Marmee March- Jeanie- Smith-Murphy

Mr. Lawrence- Keith Schweigert

Laurie Lawrence- Colby Schwartzwalter

Aunt March- Joy Ciaffoni

Mr. John Brooke- Lucas Rutten

Mrs. Kirk-  Mitzi Trooien


Sunday November 24th

7:00pm at Studio 6

Caroler 1

Caroler 2

Caroler 3

Caroler 4


Bob Cratchit


Petitioner 1/George

Petitioner 2/Scrooge’s Father/Old Joe

Jacob Marley

Christmas Past

Young Scrooge



Young Jacob Marley


Natalie Shea

Sarah Nelson

Keith Schweigert

John Indrehus

William R. Balsley

Steve Borgen

Cody Rowe

Aaron Crume

Jarrod Danuser

Steve Poitras

Hannah Birttnen

Tyler Hoverson

Lily Damico

Kyle Odefey

Jason Diers



Mr. Fezziwig

Mrs. Fezziwig


Christmas Present

Boy with Christmas Past

Girl with Christmas Past

Mrs. Cratchit

Cratchit Daughter

Peter Cratchit

Tiny Tim

Lydia/Laundress/Petitioner 4

Petitioner 3/Charwoman/Pauper 2

Young Caroler/Pauper

Ghost Dancer/Fezziwig & Cratchit Daughter

Ghost Dancer/Fezziwig & Cratchit Daughter

Ghost Dancer/Fezziwig Daughter

Craig Roath

Madison King

Breanna Boe

Reid Strand

Jimmy Kendall

Roma Beaulier

Melissa Horky

Sarah Horky

Seth LaMont

Jack Dunn

Kimmie McLagan

Linda Hinrichs

Wren James

Ella Rudd

Jocelyn Kendall

Izzy Kalash

A PDF of this document is available


Charlie Brown





Pig Pen






Leif Carlson

Kyler Bachmeier

Keagan Kratcha

Merill Wiley

Noah Meline

Blake Larson

Adilena Dodge

Clara Meline

Eve Chambers

Noah Franzen

Sylvia Holm

A PDF of this document is available


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