FMCT promises a fun, upbeat, and welcoming atmosphere throughout our audition and call-back process.  We encourage everyone of all ages, race, and level of experience to audition.  Our productions are chosen to both offer unique and challenging educational experiences for our actors as well as quality productions for our community.


When preparing for any of the auditions below, be sure to educate yourself about the show and about the characters for which you are auditioning.  In doing this, you can either search on-line for individual productions to find previous cast lists, music videos, and script excerpts  or you can come to The Stage at Island Park, home of FMCT, and check out a script. Those under the age of 18 must receive permission from a parent or guardian, and college students from the local universities must receive permission from their advisor or department chair before auditioning.  If you are new to the audition process, you can contact us for guidance.  For any questions about the productions or the audition process, please contact FMCT at (701) 235-1901.


Not sure about acting but still want to get involved?  There are countless offstage or technical opportunities available. For more information, please contact FMCT at 701-235-1901 or at

Cast List









Jean Shepard-  Keith Schweigert                 Ralphie-   Seth LaMont                              Mother-   Shanna Franzen

The Old Man-   Clayton Perala                     Randy-   Roman Indrehus                          Schwartz-   Leif Carlson

Flick-   Fi Kjos                                               Esther Jane-   Ava Grams                         Mary Beth-   Josie Kendall

Scut Farkus-   Tyler Hoverson                     Grover Dill-   Asha Franzen                       Richard-   Isaac Leiseth

Charlie-   Noah Franzen                               Tommy-   Jimmy Kendall                            Donna-    Anna Lepird

Nancy-   Ellie Rudd                                       Barb-   Paige Erickson                               Patty-  Kyler Bachmeier

Judy-   Haley Diebert                                    Kathy-   Anna Torguson                             Buddy-   Finn Franzen

Susie-   McKenna Scheen                            Miss Shields-   Jeanie Smith-Murphy        Mrs. Schwartz/Nurse-   Kellie Pifer

Santa/Father-   Sam Krauth                         Gladys-   Sheryl Pachl                                Alice-   Abbey Rudd

Diane/Chief Female Elf-  Linda Hinrichs     Maude-   Dawn Gunderson                         Maxine-   Karin Rudd

Frank/Chief Male Elf-   Benjamin Salazar   Trixie-   Eva Reich                                       Harry-   Jay Nelson

Bob-   Adam Montgomery                            Hazel-   Kathryn Tyler                                  Gary-   David Tysver

                                                                     Walter-  Rick Managahas

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Cast List


Steve Borgen              Krissy Borud

Jack Chudy                 MacRae Dirkach

Brenda Jo Gillund      Tacy Gillund

Brandon Hecker         Ralph Jameson

Alixandra Johnson     Alex Kleven

Lee Klocke                Ashleigh Kost

Grace Murray            Jay Nelson

Charles Newman      Myra Nowak

Meri Quanbeck         Cody Rowe

Brad Swenson          Levi Vinzetti

Cast List




Evan Christie –    Freddie - WBFR Ensemble

Steve Poitras  –    Harry - WBFR Ensemble

Larry Schwartz –   Jake - WBFR Ensemble

Rachel Rebischke –  Lana - WBFR Ensemble

Scott Ecker WBFR –  Ensemble

Amanda Leftridge –  WBFR Ensemble

Gaige Jevne –  WBFR Ensemble

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